About Us


Ireland’s role in the European Union and its continued participation in the euro are currently being debated en masse. However, at present, we believe that there is a deficit of such debate and discussion within UCC. Ireland’s continued economic dependence on the European Union and the ever changing landscape of European Issues, that impact on all our lives, highlight the continuing need to ensure informed and robust debate on these issues. UCC Europa is neither a pro-European or an anti-European society, but aims to be a forum where the facts on Europe can be presented in a clear, unbiased and understandable fashion for the student body and the public at large. Our society events cover a broad spectrum of interests from politics, culture, history, and social as well as much more. Events for the forthcoming year will include regular meetings with guest speakers, awareness campaigns, field trips, employment information events, and socials among others. We here at Europa look forward to seeing you at our events throughout the coming year.